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thank you Allah~~


assalamualaikum. :)

have you had your shake today?

if you dont like my sharing.its ok. just leave this page.and 1 more.please forgive my english.i'm not good in english.

first of all I really2 thanks to Allah coz give me strength and show me the way to have a better life. iera bukanla bagus dlm bidang akademik..hmpir setiap hari menangis sbb sgt stress tengok kerja2 yg sgt byk.but. Allah show me somthing.even i'm not good in my study,Allah give me strength utk iera buat herbalife.Alhamdulillah is not bile kite x bagus in somthng,kite x bagus in everythng. 

Dalam Herbalife iera bukn setakat belajr utk buat bisnes, but we're trained to be a good person, self-development, how to get well prepare in all the challenge  in the real world. *please forgive my english once again*. and the most important part is "NAWAITU= NIAT" b4 doing smthng.and Alhamdulillah again,in Herbalife the "NIAT" is helping people.and Allah mudahkan kerja jika betul niat kita.

and 1 more thing.. last month really work utk dptkn duit for zero to hero and spectacular.and when if you really want it badly, you really work for it.and akhirnya dpt jugak lebih drpd target.thaks Allah for lend me some strength to go further.

i'm not saying i'm the best.but just sharing my feeling.apaapa yang kite buat,we must trust Allah.iera sendiri hampir giveup dengan semua benda.tapi Allah tu kan maha, Dia pinjamkan kekuatan Dia untuk iera.

ok.banyak sangat luahan perasaan iera kt sini. not give your self.insyaAllah everything goes well. :)

anyone yang SERIUS nak lose weight, gain weight, improve health or make extra income. 
msg/call iera -0176883347
saya sedia membantu. :)

have a nice day. :)