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cuticuti malaysia~~


assalamualaikum. :)

alhamdulillah.harini officially iera stat bercuti.even for 2 weeks only.xpe.i don't mind.
kepada you all smua2 readers,followers 
for those yg ade kt negeri sembilan,selangor,perak and pulau pinang,
yg tringin sgt nak mnum shake free,buat wellness evaluation free.
yg memang tringin sgt nak sihat.
and earn extra income.
do contact me ok.
amirah -  0176883347
don't shyshy la..

storymory utk arini.
ari yg ceria.
td ade herbalife wellness day and press conference.
ade byk aktiviti.
slh satunye adalah wellness truck.
kt situ iera mnum shake mmg smp xigt dunia.
sape xnak amik klu da free.
sgt berbaloi.
one of my cousin follow me to this event.
dy pon enjoy mnum shake free.
gembira xterkata.

so guys.
what are you waiting for.
get your wellness evaluation and shake for free.
do contact me.
amirah - 0176883347
thank you.

cakapcakapbelakang :: saya akan berada di uia gombak esok.24/6/2011. sekian.

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